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Innovant brings you the very best in surface finishes for your home. Rely on us to create the perfect ambience for your living spaces, using the finest quality products to craft exterior and interior finishes and seamless floor surfaces. Our blends and decorative finishes are generated using computer-aided technologies, and the surface finishes are applied by a highly trained, proficient workforce, so that when we finish, you have a home you can be truly proud of.

Innovant has been hugely successful, garnering an increasing number of clients and accolades every year. Constant innovation and the search for new ideas and design help us remain market leaders in the creation of wall and floor finishes. We personalise every project because we understand that the choices you make are unique. In the end, our greatest reward is the look of joy on your face, when our work is done!

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At Innovant, we use the finest quality products sourced from the most reputed American and European manufacturers. Our workforce is trained and certified by the product manufacturers themselves, ensuring that we maintain international standards of workmanship, commensurate to the quality of products used.The use of cutting edge computer-aided technology helps in the identification of the key formulation variables, required to obtain the targeted paint properties. This ensures that we produce the smoothest and most uniform surface blends, the cleanest paint lines, and the exquisite finishes of lasting beauty that Innovant is now well-known for.

The one mantra that has remained a constant at Innovant since inception is our commitment to being Green. All the finishes and coatings we use are GS-11 certified. They contain no carcinogens, heavy metals or AlkylphenolEthoxylates (APEOs). They comply with VOC (volatile organic compound) limits specified in the GS-11 Standard. The Green Seal™ GS-11 Standard, created by the non-profit organization - Green Seal, is the worldwide gold standard for environmental safety limits in paints. GS-11 certified paints also use minimized/recycled packaging. We believe in transforming homes, but not at a cost to the environment. As an informed customer, we feel it is truly important that you find us committed to this aspect.

From the founder's desk

When we started Innovant, we made three commitments to ourselves: use of the highest quality of products worldwide, match the world standards in design aesthetics, and remain environmentally conscious. We have consistently adhered to these commitments because we firmly believe that our quest for improvement can only succeed at the altar of our core founding principles. It has paid us dividends. We owe today’s successes to these commitments that were made when we began the journey. I want to assure you that these three commitments will remain our guiding beacon as we continue on our journey to transform your homes and lives.

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